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Check our full line of Mannequins starting at just $99

Welcome to Mannequin Maven

Your source for mannequins. We have both female mannequins and male mannequins for sale. We also carry other store accessories that are high in quality, low in price, and perfect for you! Whether you are a boutique.

Our Commitment to Satisfaction

At Mannequin Maven, our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make the best choice that will be right for you. Got any Questions? Give us a call. Someone friendly and knowledgeable is waiting to help you out.

Full-Body Mannequins

We carry a wide variety of full body mannequins to choose from. Female mannequins, male mannequins and child mannequins. We also carry very elegant european mannequins & sexy mannequins. Many of our mannequins include a free wig!

Mannequin Torso

Uses for mannequin torsos: a female mannequin torso is great to model a stylish bikini or swimsuit. For men, you can use a male mannequin torso to model a men's bathing suit. You can also use them to model a bra or underwear.


Buy wholesale hangers in bulk. Bulk plastic hangers or bulk wooden hangers.

Dress Forms

Dress forms or sewing forms are great for displaying clothing or to help with sewing new items. Choose from male dressforms, female dress forms and child dress forms. Also choose from the regular stand or tripod base in various colors. We always have new forms coming in, so check back often.


From female brazilian legs to female hosiery display all the way to mannequin heads - we stock a wide variety of mannequin related accessories.


We now carry store shelving and display cases. Check out our round steel racks and hang rods.