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Check our full line of Mannequins starting at just $99


Q: Of the assortment of models, Which mannequin do I need?

A: For in store display purposes the Full bodied fiberglass models are the most realistic, with detailed facial features and the widest variety of poses.-"DURABLE MODELS" are the best way to go if the form is going to transported often as they are virtually unbreakable, and disassemble easily. -DRESS FORMS are a nice alternative for elegant display of tops, jackets and dresses.


Q: Is there any real difference between the various poses?

A: Not really, the pose is really just a matter of taste. The models with a straight up and down pose work well with traditional classic styles Where the more "posed" models will highlight trendier clothing styles.


Q: Molded mannequin hair vs the wigs?

A: The molded hair models require no care whereas the wig models have the more realistic appearance.


Q: Will your dress forms work for dress making?

A: The regular forms will not work very well, The reason being these are DISPLAY forms and under the padding are solid so pinning directly into the form would be difficult. (although they ARE covered with a foam padding so clothing can be safety pinned to sit just right). However we do sell the professional forms that are made spefically for sewing puproses. 


Q: Where to i go to track my item?

A: when the order is processed the tracking numbered is sent to the email address provided at the time of checkout. If that has not been received after 48 hours please email us so we can send you the information. Q: How do you handle shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and other destinations? A: Please email for the additional cost and methods available to ship to these destinations.


Q: I need expedited shipping on the order, How is that arranged?

A: For all expedited orders Please email to place the order so we can arrange a quicker delivery method.


We hope you have found these tips helpful. Questions? Send us an email. Someone friendly and knowledgeable is waiting to help you out.